Reswtoran Apis



The taste of home-made food and original music give you the feeling that you are with “relatives in the village”. Every bite is hedonism, try to enjoy it with all your senses.

start the day with ours


“Apis” club sandwich
(chicken, bacon, cheese, bread toast, egg, lettuce)
420g 450.-
Gourmet sandwich
(chicken, tomato, cheese, lettuce)
500g 480.-
Ustipci (fried dough) (4 pieces) 300g* 300.-
French toast (4 pieces) 300g* 300.-
Fresh cheese-filled fried dough (4 pieces) 400g* 380.-
White cornmeal porrige
(can be served with bacon, pork cracklings, fresh cheese, pepper)
400g 280.-
Hot vegan sandwich
(tuna, vegan mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce)
350g 400.-
Omelette “Apis”
(eggs, gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella cheese, olives, caper, cherry tomato, rocket, stove-top bun)
380g 350.-
Plain omelette
(ham, mushrooms, bacon, stove-top bun) + creme fraiche
300g 300.-
Eggs with grilled bacon
(bacon, eggs, chips, lettuce)
320g 400.-
Shepherd’s breakfast
(sausage of Turija, pickled pepper, fresh cheese, egg, stove-top bun)
350g 430.-


Dishes marked with a red star can be ordered for half a portion, and the price is 70% of the price of the whole portion.

… and complete with

Warm/cold starters

Breaded cheese
(served with tartar sauce)
300g* 600.-
Breaded cheese with honey and walnuts 200g 400.-
Breaded peppers
(2 pieces)
200g 300.-
Breaded stuffed pepper (2 pieces with cheese) 240g 350.-
Breaded mushrooms(with fresh cream) 400g 380.-
Stuffed mushrooms (ham, cheese) 350g 400.-
Vegan stuffed mushrooms (tuna, vegan cheese) 350g 400.-
Grilled mushrooms 300g 350.-
Breaded onion rings 150g 300.-
Grilled vegetables
(courgettes, eggplant, pepper, button white mushrooms)
300g 300.-
Serbian potato (boiled and grilled)
(seasoned with rosemary, paprika, salt, pepper and garlic)
300g 250.-
French fries 220g 200.-
Serbian plate
(cheese, breaded pepper, prosciutto, pork cracklings, clotted cream, dried tomatoes, olives, lettuce)
500g 850.-
Meat platter
(dried meat, sausage, prosciutto, dried sausage, pork cracklings, cherry tomato)
500g* 1100.-


Dishes marked with a red star can be ordered for half a portion, and the price is 70% of the price of the whole portion.

…or a rich offer


Four cheese platter
(for four persons) (gorgonzola, mozzarella, edam, gauda, prosciutto, olives, cherry tomato, dried fruit, honey, mexican tortilla)
500g* 1.200.–
Grilled smoked goat cheese 100g 300.-
Krivovirski ovčiji sir
100g 300.-
Homemade fresh cheese 100g 150.-
“Jastrebacki” cheese 100g 200.-


Dishes marked with a red star can be ordered for half a portion, and the price is 70% of the price of the whole portion.

Italian cuisine


(pasta, parmesan, pancetta, egg, cooking cream)
350g 650.-
(pasta, minced beef, tomato, puree, seasoning)
350g 700.-
Vegan spaghetti
(vegan pasta, sweer corn, peas, courgettes, pepper tuna)
350g 650.-
(pasta, gorgonzola sauce)
350g 650.-
(pasta, chicken, white button mushrooms, pepper, cooking cream))
350g 650.-
(pasta, minced beef, cheese, tomato, puree, cooking cream)
500g 750.-
Chicken risotto
(rice, chicken, spice, parmesan, cooking cream, vegetables)
370g 650.-
Vegetable risotto
(rice, pepper, mushrooms, courgettes, seasoning)
370g 600.-



Size: 32cm/40cm/50cm
(cheese, tomato sauce, oregano)
Vegan pizza
(vegan cheese, tomato sauce, tuna, sardines, vegetables, oregano, olives)
(cheese, tomato sauce, ham, bacon, mushrooms, oregano, rocket, olives)
(cheese, tomato sauce, ham, smoked pork neck, mushrooms, egg, olives, oregano)
(cheese, tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, creme fraiche, oregano)
Quattro stagioni
(cheese, tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, peppers, oregano, egg)
(cheese, tomato sauce, smoked ham, dried sausage, mushrooms, tomato, peppers, oregano, olives)
Pizza with dried meat
(cheese, tomato sauce, dried meat, oregano)
Prosciutto pizza
(cheese, tomato sauce, prosciutto, cherry tomato, parmesan, rocket, oregano)
Four cheese pizza
(cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonzola, tomato sauce, oregano)
Pesto Genovese
(cheese, tomato sauce, mozzarella, pesto sauce, olive oil, oregano)
Pizza “Apis”
(cheese, tomato sauce, smoked pork neck, ham, smoked ham, mushrooms, olives, rocket, oregano, egg)

Serbian cuisine

A la Carte

Smoked pork neck (serbian potato)
500g* 1400.–
Stuffed smoked pork neck with cotted cream (serbian potato) 550g* 1500.-
Karadjordje’s steak (breaded pork steak stuffed with creme fraiche) 350g 950.-
Rolled chicken
(bacon, cotted cream, fresh cheese, Swiss chard, pepper, serbian potato)
300g 850.-
Balsamic glazed chicken
(cheese, tomato sauce, balsamico, pancetta, grilled vegetables)
300g 850.-
Breaded chicken
with spinach souce french fries (sesame tortilla)
350g* 830.-
Grilled chicken (sesame tortilla)
300g* 780.-
Monastery chicken (breaded)
(fresh cheese, peanuts, gorgonzola, seeds crusted, serbian potato)
300g 880.-
Apis Beef – New!
(butter, pancetta, chives, grilled vegetables)
300g 1200.-
Platter mix (for four persons)
(breaded cheese, sausages, rolled cevap, rolled chicken, serbian potato, french fries)
1200g 2.000.-
Pork medallions (with cotted cream sauce, serbian potato) 300g 900.-
“Apis” burger
(beef, egg, cheese slices, bacon, tomato, cucumber, burger sauce, chips)
500g 750.-
(beef, cheese slices, fresh cheese, edamer, gorgonzola, tomato, lettuce, burger sauce, chips)
450g 700.-


Dishes marked with a red star can be ordered for half a portion, and the price is 70% of the price of the whole portion.


Smoked sirloin steak (french fries)
300g 800.-
Stuffed smoked sirloin steak
(ham, fresh cheese, cotted cream, french fries)
400g 900.-
Gourmet burger
(cheese, bacon french fries)
350g 700.-
Stuffed burger
(cheese, bacon, french fries)
350g 700.-
Four cheeses stuffed burger
(gorgonzola, cotted cream, parmesan, cheese, french fries)
350g 750.-
Ćevapi from Leskovac (grilled minced meat – 10 pieces, french fries) 300g* 650.-
Sarajevo ćevap in a bun
10 pieces (onions)
200g 750.-
Chicken leg (french fries) 250g 550.-
Stuffed chicken leg
(bacon, cheese, french fries)
300g 650.-
Sausage (serbian potato)
300g 650.-
Mangalitsa sausage (serbian potato)
300g 800.-
Mix grill (for two persons, french fries) 700g 1300.-


Dishes marked with a red star can be ordered for half a portion, and the price is 70% of the price of the whole portion.


Beef soup 300g 300.-
Fish soup 300g 300.-
Pottage of the day 300g 250.-


Trout (serbian potato with swiss chard)
300g 700.-
Grilled tuna steak (vegetables)
250g 1450.-
Salmon (vegetables)
250g 1450.-
Stuffed squid (ham, cheese, serbian potato with swiss chard) 450g 1500.-
Grilled squid (serbian potato with swiss chard)
360g 1400.-
Fries squid (french fries)
360g 1400.-


salads dishes

Caesar salad
(iceberg, rocket, cherry tomato, pepper, pancetta, chicken, parmesan, crisp croutons)
330g 650.-
Smoked meat salad
(iceberg, smoked meat, parmesan, cherry tomato, crisp croutons)
310g 650.-
Crispy salad
(cornflake crusted chicken, iceberg, cherry tomato, parmesan, crisp croutons)
420g 700.-
Tuna salad
(iceberg, rocket, tuna, lettuce, cherry tomato, onion)
350g 650.-

Side Salads

Sopska salad
(tomato, cucumber, onion, cheese)
300g 340.-
Greek salad
(tomato, cucumber, onion, peppers, olives, fresh cheese)
300g 370.-
Caprese salad
(mozzarella, tomato, pesto sauce)
300g 380.-
Mixed green salad with seeds
(rocket, iceberg, lambs lettuce, radishes, parmesan, seeds)
210g 380.-
Seasonal salad
(cabbage / lettuce / pickles)
200-250g 260.-
Moravska salad
(leek, peppers, tomato)
300g 310.-
Garden salad
(tomato, cabbage, cucumber, baked pepper)
600g* 600.-
Urnebes salad (white cheese with hot paprika) 100g 250.-
Baked pepper in oil
(oil, vinegar, garlic, parsley)
150g 150.-
Creme fraiche with peppers
150g 150.-


Dishes marked with a red star can be ordered for half a portion, and the price is 50% of the price of the whole portion.


Sesame tortilla
200g 80.-
Seeded tortilla
200g 100.-
Vegan tortilla
200g 70.-
Proja – cornbread 2 pieces 100g 60.-
Stove-top bun
100g 60.-
Bread mix
200g 100.-
Toasted bread sa paprikom 100g 40.-
200g 250.-

Side dishes

Prosciutto 100g 500.-
Cotted cream 100g 200.-
Creme fraiche 100g 100.-
Ajvar (traditional pepper relish) 100g 160.-
Olives 100g 130.-
Cubanelle green hot peppers 100g 100.-
Dried meat 100g 200.-
Bacon 100g 200.-
Ham 100g 100.-
Jastrebacki fresh cheese 50g 100.-
Pork cracklings 50g 100.-
Egg kom. 40.-
Mozzarella 100g 200.-
Sour milk
200g 100.-
Pepperoni 50g 130.-


Burger sauce 50g 80.-
Aioli sauce 50g 80.-
“Apis” sauce (hot) 50g 80.-
Spinach sauce 50g 80.-
Gorgonzola sauce 50g 100.-
Tabasco sauce kom. 100.-


Pancake I
(cheese, ham, mushrooms, fresh cream, sesame)
300g 480.-
Pancake II
(cheese, smoked ham, bacon, mushrooms, ketchup, fresh cream)
300g 480.-
Pancake III
(cheese, ham, fresh cream, egg)
300g 480.-
Vegan pancake
(vegan cheese, vegan mayonnaise, peas, sweet corn, courgettes, mushrooms, pepper)
300g 480.-
Pancake with chicken (breaded)
(chicken, cheese, ketchup, mayonnaise)
350g 500.-
Pancake “Apis” (breaded)
(ham, cheese, smoked ham, mushrooms, chicken, fresh cream)
350g 530.-

In the end to sweeten up


Eurocream chocolate spread – Plazma ground biscuits (chocolate dressing) 220g 330.-
Nutella spread Plazma grounded biscuits (chocolate dressing) 220g 350.-
Honey – walnut
(caramel sauce)
220g 350.-
(vfruit sauce)
220g 330.-
Homemade jam
(fruit sauce)
220g 330.-
Vegan pancake
(fruit sauce) (honey, jam, vegan cocoa spread)
220g 330.-
Cherry pancake
(icecream, cherry saucem whipped cream)
350g 450.-
(fruit sauce) (marmelade, creme fraiche)
220g 330.-
“Apis” pancake
(fruit sauce) (Eurocream chocolate spread, plazma grounded biscuits, icecream, sultanas, whipped cream)
350g 450.-

Sweet side dishes

Honey 80g 130.-
Eurocream – Chocolate cream spread 80g 100.-
Nutella – Chocolate cream spread 80g 130.-
Jam 80g 80.-
Cherry sauce 100g 120.-


Fruit salad 300g 300.-
Fruit salad with honey 310g 330.-
Banana split 300g 330.-
Strawberries with whipped cream 250g 300.-
“Pistachio” piece 390.-
“Cheesecake” piece 350.-
“Ferrero” cake piece 350.-
Plazma caramel cake piece 340.-
Nugat cake
piece 360.-
piece 230.-
(baked apples with walnut filling)
piece 250.-
Icecream in a jar piece 360.-
Tartufo icecream
piece 180.-
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